Solutions & Services

Solutions & Services


Are you looking to make a transition to a dynamic enterprise computing environment? Looking to switch over from traditional data center to a more versatile IT delivery model?

In Variety Info Solutions, you have an IT partner to provide you the right solutions that will enable your business to make an effortless and smooth switch to Enterprise Computing. Variety Info Enterprise Computing solutions touches upon all kinds of enterprises from small and medium size departmental servers to big size Branch and Remote office servers, Application and Database servers and Workstations and Cloud solutions. The standardized solutions from Variety Info enable customers to avail of enterprise systems that are rigorously tested and streamlined to ensure an effective IT infrastructure that enables enterprises accelerate business growth and maximize datacenter utilization.

Some popular servers handled by Variety Info include Tower model Servers, Rack Servers, Blade Servers with Blade enclosures, etc, each of them are energy-efficient servers that helps organizations to cut down electricity costs for the data center cooling systems, offer more versatile performance, are easy to deploy and on the whole, bring about greater cost savings.

Variety Info is also well placed to offer quality Storage sub-system solutions covering different storage devices. An efficient team of skilled professionals are on hand to offer accurate assessment, design and architect solutions as well as deploy and manage storage systems in the areas of –

  • Virtualized and Unified Storage Solutions
  • Disk Storage Systems: Enterprise, mid range and entry level arrays/SAN, IP SAN and NAS solutions.
  • Disk Backup Systems: Virtual Library Systems, D2D Backup, Removable Disks
  • Tape Backup Systems: Tape Library, Autoloader, standalone LTO/DAT Drives
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

With our wealth of experience and all round expertise, we are well-placed to meet any of our client’s enterprise computing requirements while providing Installation, warranty and Managed services, to manage your IT Infrastructure. This in turn enables customers to focus on their business, plan out well and help effectively grow their Core business.


Implementation of a network infrastructure that can be accessed from any of your multiple locations, remote sites, authorized clients, home offices or anywhere you wish to; your office facility, between multiple locations, building to building wherever. We have technology that can enable your organization to provide access to server-based applications from a wide variety of devices and platforms for your employee & customers. Since these applications are installed, updated and maintained on central location instead of each client, the cost and complexity of administration are significantly reduced.

Variety info Solutions provides specialized assistance with a full suite of professional implementation services like planning an upgrade or migration to an existing network or a completely new implementation design to keep you ahead of your competitor. Our professional implementation services help you to build and maintain scalable, high performance networks, keeping your LAN/WAN running at peak performance with rich experience of network services.

From manufacturers to agribusinesses to service organizations, companies across all industries are relying on wireless solutions to more effectively and efficiently manage inventory logistics, conduct field service, create mobile office solutions and provide higher levels of customer care.

Our solution offers a large range of Wireless connectivity for Data & Internet access so that link capacity can be adapted to company's needs.

We will help you keep your data and communications safe and available at all times. If your network security has been compromised due to intruders, denial of service attacks, worms or viruses, we will get your network back up and running in timely manner and ensure your network is secure.

We believe that our security measures allow you to obtain a level of data security, business continuity, backup and disaster recovery that could not be achieved virtue itself. You gain the security of knowing that your infrastructures are managed with industry-best security practices


Today’s businesses live in a highly competitive and computerized world, wherein every employee's productivity is linked to the performance, reliability and availability of their personal computers and workstations. You need an effective partner to ensure that your IT infrastructure is in the right shape and of the right kind to facilitate constantly efficient and effective productivity work flow.

Its here, Variety Info Solutions plays an effective role in helping you achieve smooth work productivity so essential to your business. A leading solutions provider in Personal Computing, Variety Info Solutions procures its requirements directly from reliable sources who not only assure good prices but also speedy delivery.

Our Personal Computing Solutions include:

  • Desktops and Laptops.
  • Tablets and Notebooks.
  • Thin Clients and Multi Seat Solutions.
  • Workstations and Graphics Computing Solutions.
  • POS (Point-of-sale) Systems.
  • Processors
  • Onsite Maintenance of branded and unbranded computer systems, networks and peripherals as well as Upgradation Facility
  • In-house repair services
  • Software support.

We interact and work closely with our customers to deliver quality computing solutions that are powerful, dependable, and above all, affordable. Our specialized team of professionals is on hand to make a proper assessment of your requirements and design complete ‘work from anywhere’ personal computing solutions without compromising on your actual needs.


Variety Info Solutions offer concrete solutions in Imaging and Printing. Supplementing the team is an effective stable of world class printers and imaging machines with smart, efficient features that minimizes waste to ensure that every print output is a quality usable or sellable print. Not only our printers and imaging machines technologically sophisticated of the latest variety, but are also low-maintenance, easy-to-use ones that assure high-quality prints and images.

Variety Info handles the following works -

  • All kinds of Desktop printing for technical, business and education professionals
  • All types of Desktop printing in photography, design or pre-press
  • High quality printing for creating photos, posters, proofs, maps and presentations
  • High-quality outdoor and indoor printing
  • Large-format scanning solutions
  • High end quality Scanning of transparencies, negatives, photographic prints, original artwork
  • Scanning of plans, maps and originals in colour or black and white for archiving or printing

Variety Info with its competent manpower and resources is well placed to cater to any of your demanding needs in Scanning and Printing


24*7 power supply is a necessity in today’s IT age where data running into countless numbers are transmitted, and stored at constant intervals. Computers power today’s businesses and even homes, all of which demand round the clock power supply. The demand is so much that it outstrips supply by a fair margin which has often led to sudden power breakdowns or power blackouts. In many places around the world, electricity generation, transmission and distribution have not simply kept pace with burgeoning demand for continuous electricity that is demanded by today’s businesses that is predominantly driven by Information Technology. When this happens, there are risks of computer systems breakdown leading to crash of data and eventually data loss which can be traumatic at times for businesses.

For a business to run efficiently, continuously and reliably in a secure way round the clock, Power conditioning is essential to ensure that computer hardware and applications work round the clock. In many places, that is a far fetched possibility. The only alternative is to opt for power backup to maintain constant power flow.

Variety Info Solutions has the expertise and all round experience to provide you quality solutions that will study your power backup status and suggest a suitable remedy to ensure effective constant power flow. Our team of professionals with their expertise and creative out-of-the-box thinking has enabled scores of our clients to get the right power backup systems in place and constantly working to ensure constant power flow in the event of normal power breakdowns. They are well placed to perform periodic power back-up systems check-up and maintenance

By far the most effective power backup systems are those belonging to American Power Conversion (APC – a premier name in power backups with a very high reputation across the globe) units which Variety Info professionals use in great abundance.

Variety Info Solutions backup power solutions cater to all kinds of computer systems from PCs and workstations to large infrastructure and complex data centers. Furthermore, Variety Info Solutions is strongly committed to deliver the best of long lasting service and support for your organization.

If you’re looking to maintain an effective 24*7 power flow, Variety Info Solutions is well-placed to offer the right solutions to meet your needs.


Variety Info Solutions offers quality-rich and result-oriented software solutions are designed to meet the specialized needs of customers across a wide range of industries. From application software to enterprise software, etc, our solutions enable our customers to streamline their business operations, infuse greater efficiency, generate higher cost savings and above all, elevate their capability to take on complex challenges effectively.

ArcObjects, Visual Studio, JavaScript, Oracle and SQL server, etc and the latest database technologies are used extensively for developing and implementing organization centric GIS application with scalability, reliability, security, backups and data integrity.


Today’s computer systems are prone to being bombarded by Viruses and other kinds of malware every now and then. The alarming rate at which viruses are springing up makes the existing anti-virus software redundant in no time.

So the need of the hour is to have a partner who can offer effective anti-virus software solutions. Variety Info is an ideal partner on whom you can rely to offer solutions that stays ahead with time and ensures that your systems remains free from viruses and other kinds of malware.

Variety Info’s innovative and advanced solutions in anti-virus incorporates detection technology and multi-layered security features, enabling businesses to protect their vital information and data and keep in check critical risk across network and endpoint assets. Apart from viruses, our solutions also help to secure endpoints from malware, including Trojans, rootkits, spyware and adware with proven technology that incorporates a pioneering and industry-leading anti-malware engine.

When you look for effective anti-virus software, look no further than Variety Info and ensure that you maintain enhanced service quality, productivity and profitability.


Variety Info Solutions has been one of the leading names in providing Custom Application Development solutions using advanced Microsoft, Oracle & RedHat Technologies. The company has a strong team of experienced consultants with the expertise to extend Microsoft, Oracle & RedHat Technologies to meet unique business requirements of various organizations.

Variety Info Solutions experienced technical and project management team follow a comprehensive, systematic methodology to develop superior quality solutions that help automate your business interactions thus improving flow of information both within your organization as well as with your Partners, Customers and Suppliers.

Our solutions help you maximize your IT investment by integrating application data across the enterprise. This in turn will help unlock information kept in stand-alone databases and streamline data flows and administrative processes.

If you are looking for Software Development in India, whether Custom Application or Enterprise Computing or Ecommerce, then Variety Info Solutions have the right source.

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